Boat Racing With Inflatable Race Marks For US Virgin Island

Boat Racing With Inflatable Race Marks For US Virgin Island

Target Rent A Car & Rent A Truck?

Yes, now they´re becoming sponsors during the boat racing which will celebrate in US virgin Island 2023 this summer. with 12 sets of inflatable race marks costomized and designed by AirSplendid. 

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This customized inflatable race marks with Target Rent A Car logo, could be used as marketing marker buoys during the boat race, generally the organizer could place them on the boat exit land & start line. as line-up of guiding buoys also for the competitors.  

Why Target Rent A Car required this kind of inflatable race marks for supporting the boat race?

as normal custom - events require sponsors, sponsors need events, those famous companies are used to promote their brands during the outdoor events for example boating or yacht racing. Target as a company famous in Rent A Car, whom will not loss the chance to display their Giant LOGO in public particularly. 

comparing to other outdoor events, sponsors of boat racing, always go withlow investment - not like football match or MLB match - boat race solely require much lower the investment from their sponsors, but as well, the boat race also could be wildly broacasting by media or cyber live. 

marketing with inflatable race marks could be with much better effects during the boat race & event. the sea is enormous, only the racing boats and your colourful inflatable race marks on the water, with vibrant printing your LOGOs will vividly displayed on public, stand out of crewd, no distraction no disturbance, everything information on the race marks will enter the eyeball of public, along with the performance of boat race. 

Additionally, the cost for making an inflatable race mark - with printing or costumization on it. always will be low and economic. spend a little money on the intermedia but gaining a lot of effects later with them. low investment high efficiency.

Like our Target race mark on the water, with its target-shape printing on the buoy. shinning colour on the body. as the boat come across the buoy, everybody could be attractive by the race marks, even want to pull out their gun to shoot the LOGO of Target on the red triangle race marks. this marker really second to none intermedia for marketing during such a boat race. 

Collection Of Our Race Marks For Target Rent A Car as bellow. 

Race Marks Target Rent A CarRace Marks Target Rent A CarRace Marks Target Rent A Car

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