Collection: Blimps

helium inflatable blimps marketing, we make them different to boost your business by percents. 

the market is becoming more and more competitive, how to stand out from the market, is frequently considered by all our customers. air splendid, we´re aiming to help our customer out from the puzzle.

inflatable advertising blimps is the best way to attract new customers for your business. choose a suitable inflatable blimp, send your text and logo.

Ready! Attract 50% more customers!

an inflatable helium blimps (also called inflatable zeppelin) is wildly used for aerial marketing, with logos printing vividly on the blimps - not only for sponsors but also for the organizers themselves. 

this marketing inflatable is with zeppelin shape but made from 0.18mm thickness PVC, which would fly high with helium filled inside, as well instead of helium ordinary air could also be used to fill it up by hanging on the wall or the ceiling of a shopping mall / plaza. that would save the cost of helium air which is exegeratedly billing on you later. 

the marketing inflatable blimps could bring any kinds of information freely, by advanced printing technology for example digital printing 3D and vibrant printing effect on your LOGO to attract the people on the ground. 50m high from the ground is suggested accordingly. our customer could print whatever information they want, from advertising to charity events, from politic to civilian advocate. all these information could be designed and printed by our expertise designers - as free design service is available for our customers.