Collection: Crowd Surf

What is crowd surfing balloons?

A crowd surfing balloon is an ordinary balloon made from thicker material for example 0.25mm pvc & bringing printing on its body. which are often used in concert & festival event & other outdoor gethering etc. it has become one of the most important element to arouse the attendant's attention during the events. meanwhile, event organizer consider it to be an effective method in which to have marketing & promotion. 

A crowd surfing balloon, goes without none plastic rope rings, avoiding hurting people as the balloon threw from building high. besides, it has to be light weighty to make the crowd surfing balloon fly light and high. Typically the balloon would be used in the center of the city for example on the central plaza or center of shopping mall, where gethering thousand of people and play the crowd surfing happily. 

Crowd surfing balloon is low cost but huge in dimension, for example, a crowd surfing balloon of 3m with vibrant printing on it, weights 2kg approximately which is easy to take out in your car, meanwhile it's easy to extend to 3m with a small air pump with few minuts of operation. 

Please check the gallery about our crowd surfing balloons used in San Fermin bull running days in Spain.