Air Splendid we truely strive to offer products to our customer with 100% satisfaction. in case there would be some debuts about the products, this warranty policy is applicable. exchange and refund are aviable for different situation of purchase debutes.

Warranty For Ordinary Products

factory defect

1) any defects of colour / printing / design / damage, which are caused by factory. would be 100% covered obligately by our factory. for example once you receive the order and the printing is wrong - for example we printign COCA COLA to COLA COCA, in which case definitely our customer could receive a new package later free of charge.

exception, damage during the voyage of shipping is not covered, as the customer should have the shipping insured. 

inapproporiate usage 

gifts are not covered by this warranty policy

Warranty For Custom Products

1) custom products are not refundable.

2) in case there would be some defect due to factory mistake, depending on the defect degree the warranty policy would be discussed.