Custom Airtight Inflatable Archway Race Marks For Ultra Swimming

Custom Airtight Inflatable Archway Race Marks For Ultra Swimming

Ultra Swimming is a swimming event mostly celebrated and welcome by swimmers in Europe & Australia & USA etc. as well, during these famouse sport events commonly race marks are set up for promotion or marketing - customized by sponsor's information or the company of organizers as well. for example, in 2022, with great honour we're customizing and producing several inflatable race marks for ultra swim 33.3 which will be celebrated in MonteNegro Septiember 2022. which are all forming up with different kinds of shaps, ranging from pyramid race marks to rectanglar race marks. aiming to efficiently help our customer's LOGO standing out of crowd and bring more attention from the audient even local media as well. 

in tradition, an inflatable archway, which customized with sponsor's LOGOs or information of the organizer, is known to be used and set up on the ground, for athletes running through it during marathlon or MTB racing. with decades of experience on the inflatable race marks, and thanks to the effort of our customers worldwide, whom are willing to offer us their suggestion and precious feedbacks, Air Splendid we develop airtight inflatable archways, which are not only suitable for ground usage but also they are kind of suitable for using on the water - that's really amazing and attractive for our ultra swim customers. they now do not have to limit themselves by using traditional race marks such as pyramid / round / square marker buoys, they're elegible to use archway with LOGOs on the water now - by indicating the swimmers to pass through also. meanwhile there is no other smarter methods to tell the swimmers where the finish line is.

this race mark inflatable archway is with many adventages for example light in weight and huge while set up, fully display the HUGE logo printed on the top or tubes. with high-quality D-rings it could stand on the water well by the stability offered by weight down the water. made from 0.65mm PVC tarpaulin which could stand on the water even for years without leaking of air, 3D digital printing offer high quality and vibrant color to make itself captive and attractive during the whole event. besides, free design service is available and all your idea could be realized in formate of production by our skilled workers.

it is likely to be ideal for any kind of water sports for example ultra swimming / open water swimming / triathlon swimming ect, besides, as common usage it could be used for marathlon race marks also, which is really energy-saving during the sports festival. only inflated by once and stay stable for the whole days - no air blower is applied. in special circumstance for example MTB racing where lack of direct electricity, this archway is mostly welcome. with the auto car charger it could be filled up with air and play its important roll during the MTB racing.

the following pictures show the inflatable race marks which we make for ultra swim, as our customer is clearly doing its marketing during the upcoming swimming events. with preference he would like to put his own LOGOs on the archway and promote his company to the public. this archway is 2m width inside and 3.2m width outside, with 2.6m total height to put on the water near costal area in MonteNegro. confidently we are kind of sure it will be the best marketing race marks during the ultra swim then.

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