Custom Inflatable Racing Markers For Your Sponsors

Custom Inflatable Racing Markers For Your Sponsors

As professional event planner our customer is always welcome by many sponsors - they also want to cherish the opportunity to have marketing for their own brand during the racing event - cooperating with an event planner with experience. Aiming to facilitate an easy way for marketing during the running or racing event, we are pleased to design and offer innovative design for our customers - such as huge dimension pyramid or cubical racing marker buoys. For example our giant design with LOGO of Omni Power - who as sponsor for our customer (even planner).

Advanced technology of printing for example 3D digital printing, offer an ideal way to make LOGO printing vividly and captively on the body of race marks, as well with high quality protection of cover film, which permits our marketing marker under the sunshine remaining its original colour and design sturdy. Everything keeps well no neccesary for our customer concerning too much on the fading of colour in the rain or sunny day. 

How to define COST-EFFECTIVE of race markers? try our custom inflatable race marks, comparing with traditional way of marketing outdoor, our inflatable race marks are lower price but higher flexibility for set up or transport - any place any where any time - due to its character of inflatable, our customer is flexibly to set it up solely with an airpump lighten up with car charger. at the final, the price would be very cheap only hundred dollars or even cheaper - but definitly with the same marketing effect as traditional way. 

Any information - including website or promotion information or simply slogan of your company, could also be customized and printed on the body of race markers. Our designer whom with years of experience and special taste of art, would help our customer design their buoys - free-of-charge. A very simple way to start up marketing designs for the racing and running.

Our inflatable racing markers are welcome and appreciated by huge range of outdoor sports, especially triathlon racing and open water swimming, serving well as water race marks guiding people or attracting people's eyeballs with vibrant printing. we have kind of experience to help our customer how to set up inflatable marker buoys on the water and special weight to fix up with weights in the water to drag the marker, make it sturdy and stable on the surface.

Further more, people also could use our inflatable markers, placing them on the entrance of mall or center of plaza, as inflatable marketing makers as well.

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