Finally, They Said Amazing - Inflatable Racing Marker Buoys For UK

Finally, They Said Amazing - Inflatable Racing Marker Buoys For UK

With nearly 5 days of design and production, finally our inflatable racing marker buoys, which for UK Yachting Racing, is finished today. First comment from our customer´s mind - they look amazing. 

Our customer from UK, capitain of famous yacht club, was asking for some inflatable racing markers for the upcoming yachting race. Solely with his idea in mind our designer realized it in form of mockup. after confirmation from our yachting capitain, accordingly these buoys are made in poco days and admired by our customer with good comments on outlook and nice design. 

In traditional way event organizers are asking for plastic water race marks such as plastic mooring buoys serving as indication race buoy during their racing, but coming the shortcomings such as tough and huge in package for transport or storage in warehouse, more over, you are not freely to edite the information on the plastic race marks - in other way, really tough for any customization or modification. as well, the high budget would keeps our organizers away from the customization of race marks.

But looking in to the full range of inflatables, the world will not be lack of innovation or inspiration nor creation. Inflatable racing marker buoys - famous and known for their small package and flexible in customization, are becoming more and more popular nowadays, for outdoor events and outdoor activities. especially such as inflatable pyramid racing marker buoys - are oftenly adopted by event planners such as triathlon or ultraswim or yachting racing etc. Due to its inflatable charecters the marker buoys are easily set up on the surface of water, anywhere anytime. They are unique comparing to traditional plastic race marks, flexible on editing information printing on the surface and small package for transporting anywhere, storage simple and rapide.

Easy-purchase process, some customers probablely would be lack of experience on designing such an inflatable race mark, but no worry, our designers, with decade of experience on racing buoys, are possitively and for free to offer their experience to all our customers, to fulfill their demand in mind. Never mind, and no trouble, just feel free to send us your LOGOs and your idea in mind. such a small step and you can have your idea in your phone. Seldomly we could not realize the idea of our customer in form of mock up.

Our inflatable race marks, in general, they are made from super thick material, up to 0.65mm - almost the thickest for marker buoys, regading printing on them - as advanced printing maching only permits 0.65mm as thickest material passing the printing zone. as well, 3D digital printing technology, would lead to all colours and make your LOGOs displayed vividly and vibrant on the surface of our markers. Besides, many sizes of buoys are elegibles for our clients, from 1m to 3m or even bigger, all our racing markers are customized and enhance your outdoor marketing to other level, bring high visibility of your information and attracting more eyeballs from public. With guarantee of 5 years of usage, you do not have to worry about the coming 5 years without any buoys designs for outdoor marketing.

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