Giant Custom Inflatable Archway For Cádiz Spain

Giant Custom Inflatable Archway For Cádiz Spain

´Very Big¨ - comments from our customer in Cádiz Spain, a famous event planner in local and happy to receive our huge inflatable archway. which would be correctly used for upcoming triathlon running event in the weekend.

To enhance the visibility of your LOGOs and your brands printing on the archway, Airsplendid we always looking for solution to make your LOGOs stand out of crewd. For example make the inflatable archway much bigger as well the LOGOs would be much bigger. but once the scale of your archway is too huge definitely it would increase the total weight and running out of the amount of your budget. To make the archway with reasonable design is the object of our designers. For example our inflatable archway design is very cientific and reasonable - 8m exterior length and 4.8m exterior height, not only vividly display the LOGOs on the printing, but also it´s 35kg the weight for shipping. As well it´s very small in package for storage on the back of your car. 

To make your LOGOs displayed vibrantly and captively, it´s the goal of our skilled workers and designers. They try their utmost efforts to make your LOGOs unforgetable in public and great impression for first sign of attendants. All details and process would be handled with care and experience, fulfill every demand of our customers.

Comparing with traditional archway for triathlon or running event, such as aluminum structured archway. an inflatable archway is lighter in weight and faster in set up. more and more event planners nowadays are seeking for such a covenient way to make their events faster and more flexible. instead of using a huge truck to carry the aluminum structure, the inflatable archway problely could stay within such a small package as 30*30*30 - a carton box as well.

The following photos are about our extraordinary archway designs fully set up in Cádiz Spain - by C.D La Molinera Club

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