Inflatable Arch For Start Line Finish Line Queensland Australia

Inflatable Arch For Start Line Finish Line Queensland Australia

Our customer in Australia recently repites its order of an airtight inflatable arch. which he ordered this arch in 2020 to have MTB racing in Queensland Australia. Due to its innovative design and vibrant printing, this arch help our customer a lot in outdoor marketing and promoting the branding of sponsors. 

Not like traditional inflatable arch design, the airtight arch goes with difference, not only on its material but also on its own design. for example every MTB race would be hold on suburban area where there would be shortage of electricity nor cable for light up an air blower constantly. to solve this issue and facilitate the job of our organizers, an airtight inflatable arch is neccessary for this type of outdoor event. 

The airtight inflatable arch is made from 0.65mm thickness - thickest for such kind of arch with printing, as 0.65mm is the thickest material for customization of LOGOs or other information with 3D digital printing technique. this kind of inflatable arch, could be inflated with one 690W or 1200W air pump easily and in minuts. flexible to take the process of set up only with your car charger - any where any time. set up this inflatable archway on the trail of somewhere on the ground far from the city. later our airtight inflatable arch could stand on the outdoor area for days even weeks. 

Australia is a remote area where there is vast of land but settlements are seldomly found. for that reason our customer in  Queensland alsways figures out an ideal way to have outdoor marketing and outdoor promotion during the event. with request of airtight inflatables perfectly avoiding the shortage of electricity on the sport spot. as well inflatable advertising also the most economic way to do outdoor marketing as it's made from very cheap material but with huge scale while inflated, attracting the public's attention from mile's away, further more, customization on the printing allows every organizers to put what kind of information on them, solely with free design from our skilled designers here in China. 

The inflatable arch 6mL-4mH is mostly required by our customer in Australia, as this design is suitable and ideal for outdoor sports such as MTB & Trail Running etc. with its weight of 25kg and 1 air pump of 2kg, only 30kg but you can have such a huge inflatable signage outdoor even on the desert area. anywhere anytime, you can have such a customized signage on the ground for your running.  

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