Inflatable Super Mario Characters

Inflatable Super Mario Characters

Can you imagine one day passing along the street and happenning to see such a huge Super Mario along side? It definitely will be such a huge suprise gift for your day. Yes, this kind of super mario is made from inflatable. captive and attractive for the public´s eyes, especially more important role in decoration enhancing the festival atmosphere during the holiday. 

Our inflatable super mario characters, with charming outlook, are ideal for decoration in plaza, shopping mall, side walks of avenues etc. it´s easily to be set up only with 1 air blowers. simple open the package and place the Super Mario on the ground, light up the air blower and automatically the inflatable figure will stand up.

If you´re event planner or organizer with fame in your country, planning to start an event and make your event standing out of crewd. our inflatable characters would be your first choice and best way to start up with. having inflatable characters for your event or your festival, goes with the following aspects: 

1) comparing to other huge characters, inflatable characters are much cheaper in cost and really money effective, merely the budget goes out of your range. 

2) the inflatable characters packed in small box even a child could manage it, small in weight for carrying in your car - no truck required.

3) fast set up time. solely in minuts you can have your inflatable super mario standing on the ground, tools are your hands and one small air blower, no extra tools required.

4) custom designs, you can have your inflatable characters in shape of Super Mario or others famous characters such as Snow White or else other.

In general, event planners are planning to use various inflatable characters for the decoration, along with Super Mario, sometimes they´re using avengers characters as well. to make the event with diversity of themes. 

The following is specification of our super mario character in type of inflatable.

1) height 4m

2) printing 3D digital

3) material 210D oxford cloth

4) inflatable style air-continue inflatable

Once our customers are interesting in this character of other else, please feel free to have inquiry with us.

Inflatable Super Mario CharactersInflatable Super Mario CharactersInflatable Super Mario CharactersInflatable Super Mario CharactersInflatable Super Mario CharactersInflatable Super Mario Characters

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