Inflatable X-tent Customized For Habana

Inflatable X-tent Customized For Habana

City Habana, where is famouse with its lovely beach and sunshine. Yearly a lot of travellers from abroad would have vacation on this famous spot. 

For those owners of restaurants or cafeteria, or local government. Aiming to display the city or their own business to the travellers. An intermedio is necessary for their progress. For example display their city via internet or in some other method such as our inflatable x tent, customized with information printed on it. 

Centro De Habana, center of Habana, the local government is cherishing the opportunity to chance to show their region, through our lovely custom inflatable x tent. 

Not only our inflatable x-tent could serve providing shadows on the beach, but also with customation it could serve as intermedio showing the important information above. it's made from 0.65mm pvc tarpaulin with airtight style allowing our inflatable x-tent with the following adventages.

1) small package for transportation and storage.

2) giant scale while inflated with air pump

3) customizable with customer's information above

4) long-lasting and money-effective

5) flexible for set up anytime any where

6) rapid set up and easy fold up 

Are you still confused with which advertising inflatable you should use? or still struggling on the high buget of internet media for advertising? how to deal with the complicate design of your LOGO? try our inflatable x tent - we also offer free-design service to all our customers. our skilled and experienced designers are here to help you.

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