Innovative Inflatable Race Marks For Water

Innovative Inflatable Race Marks For Water

Commonly the inflatable race marks with shapes of pyramide + cylinder + rectangle + tubes, but in AirSplendid we make innovative buoy designs for our customers - a vertical tube with platform on the bottom - attractive designs stand out of crowd and capture the eyeballs of public. besides, this innovative inflatable race mark, could stand easily on the surface of water or else where and sturdy in windy day.

As race marks, this inflatable buoy also could be customized with idea of our customer or inspiration of our designers. it could be printed with whatever information freely and vividly display your idea with vibrant printing. Besides our race marks go with protection film outside the printing which would remain your LOGO in its original colour during sunny days for a long time. You are free to add LOGOs or printing of your sponsor, on any place of the tube and platform.

Anchors go with the bottom of the platform - with weights under the platform which would remain the buoys floating in the same place, not impacted by the sea wave or wind or unexpected hurrican in the sea. 316 stainless steel would adopted for our strong D-ring anchors, offering the inflatable race marks with long-span and strong anchors.

Our inflatable race marks for water, sizes from 2m height to 4m height, not only offering buoyance but also offering media of marketing. really adquate for any kinds of water events such as ultra swim or paddle surfing campaign. small volume for storage and huge size while inflated, most visible race marks during the entire ultra swim. various colors are available for choice bring excellent visual impact to all attendants during the events.

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