It´s back, ultraswim 33.3 with its new floating inflatable archway designs.

It´s back, ultraswim 33.3 with its new floating inflatable archway designs.


Ultraswim 33.3 now is back. In July 2024 they shortly will celebrate more swimming events in Switzerland Europe.

Like their former designs - an inflatable archway as floating buoy advertising in the water, is also required coordinately. An innovative way and attractive way, with such an inflatable buoy design for marketing during the entire event - flexible and convenient during the set up process. Make your marketing easy and unique for your events.

Some people would be suprised why such an inflatable archway could float in the surface of water? generally an inflatable archway is some design for set up on the ground - instead of serving in the water like marker buoys. It's simple, in the range of inflatable there are two types - air continue and air tight inflatable. air tight inflatable is some design solely inflated by once and lasting for month. the inflatable archway for floating on the water, is one design of airtight inflatable no doubt. to make the floating inflatable on the water, generally we use 0.65mm PVC which suitable for welding by thermal-seal machine, as well this material is the thickest material which adquate for printing of customers' logos.

Comparing with traditional inflatable archway, an inflatable archway, which is with the same scale, but much smaller the package and much smaller the weight for storage and packing. is today more and more appreciated by event planners for example siwmming event and marathon running. more over, this archway is more flexible for customization as its inflatable character. easy printing and easy design accordign to customer's demand.

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