Paddle Board Racing Inflatable Buoys?

Paddle Board Racing Inflatable Buoys?

Yes, in Airsplendid we also customize mini inflatable racing buoys for paddlers. for example our various size of custom buoys for paddle board racing 2024, Australia. Not like the common inflatable buoys, paddle board buoys always go with small in size and fully printed on its body, with sponsor´s LOGO or name of organizers - not serving as perimeter buoys but also serving as marketing buoys in the seaside.

Much bigger, much smaller. always be the aim of our effort. to make the buoys bigger in size but smaller the package - for easy transportation and better storage. even a huge scale inflatable paddler buoys size 2m height, also go with 20*20*50 small package for carrying. and all these adventages, are due to our PVC tarpaulin characters. more over, our customers could easily handle the set up within minutes solely with our high power air pump up to 1200W.

Certainly, as well our inflatable paddler buoys could be customized, by any information on the surface - from simple telephone number to complicated LOGOs. all the information could be printed on the side of our buoys. advanced printing technology - sublimation or 3D digital printing could bring vivid effect for your logo, protecting film could make your printing vibrant and shinning under the sunshine. keep its original colour for years under the UV situation.

Normally all the pyramid marker buoys, size from 1m height to 1.5m height. which are most suitable for any outdoor marketing or advertising during the racing events. strong stainless steel anchor on the bottom allow our buoys floating sturdy on the water face. by not fleeing to unforseen place.

Once you´re a paddler or someone fanatic with SUP paddling, come up with an idea of marketing on the water during the race. Seeking for in-the-budget plan, to make your brand or company more known by the public. this must-to-have and cost-effective racing marker buoys, are an ideal way fulfilling your demand.

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