Question & Answers about our inflatable racing marker buoys

Question & Answers about our inflatable racing marker buoys


Question - Jonathan from Hutchinson Island Triathlon Club

Answer - Mark Turner from UltraSwim 33.3 

I am purchasing an open water swim buoy for my triathlon club to use for our weekly workouts. I have a couple questions for you.

1. What tether and anchor do you use for the buoys so they do not blow away?
— depends on depth and bottom surface - we use a combination of small kedging anchors, or breeze blocks (building site blocks with holes in), or ideally custom made weights with smooth metal ring on top. You can also used bags that you seal with local sand/stones in. Usually have to use more than you think if there is any wind or tide of course, if you are not able to anchor to the bottom or attach to an existing marker.

2. How often should you clean/wash the buoy to extend its life?
— we do hose them down with fresh water after each usage. I’ve not had them long enough to know the impact of doing or not doing, but so far they have been very reliable and not showing any signs of age. We are storing them folded up in a van storage, so not ideal either (better I think unfolded in club space if you can).

3. How reputable is the Air Splendid Company?
— they have been professional throughout, on time, good quality, branding well done, courteous and well-priced. I strongly recommend based on my experience over past 2 years. I did not know them at all before, so I appreciate it feels a bit uncomfortable ordering from China remotely - but to date anyway I can only pass on positive feedback. We are just buying some extra marks and tubes now for our events this year (check out and come and join us!!).

Design Of Inflatable Racing Marker Buoys From Hutchinson Island Triathlon Club

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