Ultra Swim Race Mark Buoys For MonteNegro 2022

Ultra Swim Race Mark Buoys For MonteNegro 2022

As experienced inflatable race mark manufacturer, we are elaborately designing and producing full range of inflatable race mark shaped in cubical / round / cylindrical / square / pyramide. with all these designs to help our customer to complish their jobs which promised with their sponsors. as the customer constantly require inflatable race marks for water sports for example ultra swim and open water swim, our experience with inflatable race marks nowaday is becoming more and more mature, as well, more and more designs are invented and we are becoming more skilled during the 17 years of working with these customers. 

An inflatable race marks, is simple, solely it's just an inflatable buoy design, elaborate with printing on its body, radomly the printing could be whatever information the customer loves to print, from website to promotion, from charity to commercial. the branded race marks could carry them well and display perfectly during the ultra swim events. it is freely to use this race marks in whatevery environments for example on the beach / backyard / pond / lake / river, an ideal way for any kinds of floating advertising like an inflatable billboard.

You can not find another suitable method for water advertising during the ultra swim, comparing to the branded race marks. people can not hold asking what are those adventages with inflatable race marks for water marketing. due to its inflatable characteristic, the weight of race marks is very light and everyone could manage the set up process, the race marks could be procceded easily only with hands and inflated with our 1200W air pumps, every process would be finish in a minute. besides, the surface is customizable as our customer could freely to customize it with its own information, to make the whole race marks look suitable and satisfied. most of all, comparing to traditional water marketing for example employing a boat carrying banners or flags, on the contrary inflatable race marks could be economic and efficience in marketing. meanwhile, plain race marks (no printing) also could serve as marine traffic buoys and perimeter guard buoys as well. 

please view our PINK race marks for ultra swim event 2022 in MonteNegro

giant inflatable round marker buoysgiant inflatable round marker buoysgiant inflatable round marker buoys


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