Ultra Swimming Inflatable Racing Marker Buoys For Angola Africa

Ultra Swimming Inflatable Racing Marker Buoys For Angola Africa

Even it´s far from China, our customers from Angola Africa also remotely ask us for inflatable racing makers - customized and prepared for ultra swimming or any other open water racing outdoor. This inflatable racing marker buoys not only could serve as marketing media in the water, but also could be used as perimeter buoys to keep this swimming zone safe and noticed. Advanced printing technology - our 3D digital printing could make the race marks brillante and vibrant with vivid LOGOs printing on the surface, as well any other chartity information for public, also could be realized by our experienced and skilled designers. 

Our inflatable race markers range from triangle size to rectangle size, from round size to pyramid size - all shapes for fulfilling any different demands from our customers or sponsors. They range from 1m to 4m or even bigger size incidently our customers are asking for much bigger buoys for the water. 

As Angola belongs to Africa, the temperature would be very hot there. The characters of inflatable race marks should be very resisist and durable during the sunshine, for that reason, we used 0.65mm thick PVC tarpaulin, which would stand up to 70 degrees the temperature, as well there would be one cover of film protection - to protect the printing from UV shinning, remaining the printing vibrant and keep it with original statue during the sunshine. 

Are you still confused about how to fill up such a huge inflatable buoys? due to its inflatable character, a small air pump 680W could flexibly fill up such an inflatable. Due to the advance of technology, nowaday. a vehicle charger could also make the air pump works and charging the buoys anytime any where outdoor - even in normadic area far from the city center. after the use of it, its volumn back to the original and keeps in the small PVC bags for storage. 

Once upon a time in Angola - as the inflatable buoys were not invented. Normally they would use plastic marker buoys - which facing a lots of problems, such as giant volumn for transportation - a truck could utmostly take fews during the trip. as well the plastic buoys are very difficult to customize with customers´ information above. as well the plastic buoys could easily fade out the colour and become old in the surface - expensive in the charge but no money-effective characters. once our customers are having their own ideas about an innovative marker buoy design, feel free to ask us for more details and informations. 

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