Why Use Inflatable Movie Screen Marketing?

Why Use Inflatable Movie Screen Marketing?

Due to its character for example heavy in weight and giant in package, inflatable movie screen is rarely used for outdoor marketing & plaza promotion, meanwhile, with its huge screen for customized printing or any other information, it is doing its ultmost to display its own information as giant as it could. it's really an ideal way to attract the public and stand out of crowd during the promotion.

There are tow types of inflatable movie screen in the market, inflatable type and airtight inflatable. mostly inflatable type is adopted by many advertising agent or event planners. comparing with airtight inflatable screen, it would be much lighter and much smaller in package. as well it could perfectly avoid the leaking of air which usually occurred by airtight inflatabl screen as the ussage lasting. for the contrast, airtight inflatable screen would be standing continuely with one-time inflation, for those who want to save the energy or where there are not electricity, airtight inflatable screen is the best choice for them. 

Can the inflatable screen be customized? according to our decades of experience, all of our inflatable screens are customized by our customers, for example they are looking for an inflatable screen for plaza marketing, we would suggestion them an inflatable screen of 16mL-9mW, as well if they are looking for an inflatable screen for indoor usage, we will ask them for an order of 3mL-2mW. our inflatable screens are made not only by customization by also by our suggestion basing on decades of experience.

An airtight inflatable movie screen, always equiped with backward structure to make it stand much more stable on the windy day. 

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