Why Using Inflatable Open Water Swim Turning Buoys?

Why Using Inflatable Open Water Swim Turning Buoys?

An inflatable open water swim turning buoy, at its brief meaning, is an inflatable marker buoy customized with its function mainly indicating the position to turn around during some water events such as open water swimming or ultra swim, as well paddle surfing race. 

The inflatable marker buoy not only being an indicator during the swimming but technically also the way advertising and marketing for the organizer itself or its sponsors.

During the open water swimming, a turning point in the center of water, is neccessary and assuring the swimmers know where to turn around and swim back to the finish point. due to its adventages the inflatable turning buoy is mostly accepted and convenient to be placed on the water - its light weighty but looks huge in the water which could be seen miles away by the swimmer. in advance all the swimmer could get ready to turn back as they see the huge indicator far away. besides the inflatable turning buoy is with tiny package for storage and transport, which could be flexibly and easily carried away by normal vehicle. 

The inflatable turning buoy could stand stable in the water, with its scentific structure design, with set up D-rings on the bottom, which are made from stainless steel, it could be easily set up on the same point on the water by ropes and water weight on the its bottom. inflatable the marker buoy in beach and drag it to the right position, fix it on the water weight with ropes. typically it could serve as light tower on the water during the swimming events. 

Of course, likely our even planner is not willing to miss the opportunity marketing on the water during the event. this inflatable marker buoy could also serve as marketing buoys. the customer could print what kind of information on the body of buoy, for example company name, brand LOGO, promotion information as well, which would be vividly display on the buoy and wildly show to the public. as people see the turning buoys, they will get visual impact by the vibrant marketing information as well.

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