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Airtight Inflatable Beer Bottle Replicas Marketing

Airtight Inflatable Beer Bottle Replicas Marketing

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Marketing Airtight Inflatable Beer Bottle Replicas


Size 2.5mH-0.9mDia

Material 0.65mm pvc tarpaulin premium quality

Printing 3D digital printing to vibrant colours

Inflatable Style airtight inflatable

Product Type inflatable replicas / inflatable bottles / inflatable beer bottles / marketing inflatables


you can never imagine how beautiful our printed marketing inflatable beer bottles are.

as a famous beer brewer or well-known beer brand in the market, would you like to increase your fame to makke your brand more popular and more outstanding? some outdoor promotion is strongly suggested here aiming to help our customers to gain best results from promoting and advertising their own brands. for example design a marketing inflatable replica nearly look like the product you're making, such as an inflatable beer bottles 100% same as your beer package - only with size much smaller and propotionally customized.

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