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Airtight Inflatable Billboard Advertising

Airtight Inflatable Billboard Advertising

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Airtight Inflatable Billboard Advertising


Dimension 2.5mL-2mH

Material 0.65mm pvc tarpaulin / professional screen clothes

Composition inflatable structures + screen (eyelets tied)

Product Type inflatable billboards / floating billboards / airtight billboards

Application Field outdoor advertising / outdoor promotion / plaza exhibition

Application Country San Diego CA (USA)

Brand Air-Splendid

Package Includes

**inflatable billboard advertising

**pvc bags for storage

**repair kit

**high-efficiency air pump (inlet/outlet)


Features Of Inflatable Billboards Advertising

1) convenient to set up and flexible to set up anywhere

2) light in weight and with huge face for broadcasting

3) airtight design with high hermeticity long lasting

4) reasonable price and accessible to all customers

5) high-performance in broadcasting effects

6) high quality with first class pvc and professional screen clothes

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