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Airtight Inflatable Military Shelter Tent

Airtight Inflatable Military Shelter Tent

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Airtight Inflatable Military Shelter Tent

//// WE STAND FOR UKRAINE //// - Russian Supporters Please Keep Away From Us. 


Size 4mL-3mW-3mH or customized 

Material 0.65mm / 0.40mm military type PVC tarpaulin 

Printing N/A but optional

Set Up Time 10 minutes with 680W or 1200W air pump

Certificate CE(TUV EN15649) 

Minimum Order 1 pc

Warranty 5 years in condition of normal usage

Inflatable Type inflatable shelter / tent

Inflatable Style airtight inflatable

Country Of Application Ukraine 


When the Russian Army invaded Ukraine, as our political standpoint supporting the victim of strong power. We Stand For Ukraine. We realized that supporting our partner with one convenient and small size package shelter, which is necessary and important accordingly. 

What is inflatable military shelter tent? Obviousely it's an inflatable tent - shape shelter but made with military color material, mostly it would serve in the battle field or somewhere for military training.

Secretiveness or invisibility - which is most important thing for army staying in the camp - avoiding the sign of your enimy in the battle field. an invisible inflatable military shelter could keep our army safe ultmostly and avoiding any unnecessary sacrify due to visible bad shelter. Our inflatable military shelter, made from military color material, could serve as a disguise on the field or forrest - make the situation safe and comfortable from far. 

The inflatable military shelter is customized - in its space as long as its outlook, any dimension is welcome to cumplet the demand of our army. for example space for 3 members or space for 10 members - all designs suit our customer's real situation. Additionally our inflatable military shelter could also work as storage of weapon or firearm during the war period.

Due to its inflatable characters, our inflatable military shelter is small in package and light in weight, extremly convenient for any army marching or transportation in the truck or car. Moreover, as it's airtight design with one time inflate and lasting for weeks outdoor.

Details Of Inflatable Structure

main door 1 or 2 or side doors available

main window 4 windows for 2 sides or extra windows for main doors

removable tent with structure, packed in 2 or more packages

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