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Inflatable Perimeter Guard Marker Buoys Marine Indicator

Inflatable Perimeter Guard Marker Buoys Marine Indicator

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Inflatable Perimeter Guard Marker Buoys Marine Indicator


Dimension 2mL-0.9mD or customized

Material 0.65mm pvc tarpaulin

Printing 3D digital printing to all colours (optional)

Production Technique high frequency welding 

Inflatable Style airtight inflatables

Product Type inflatable buoys / marker buoys / inflatable race marks / inflatable perimeter guard / inflatable marine indicator

Brand AirSplendid China

Application Field marine traffic / perimeter guard / marine indicator / ultra swim / triathlon swim / open water swim

Application Country Queensland Australia

Certificate CE/EN25649 TUVsud Germany



Inflatable Buoys are made from either a lightweight or heavyweight PVC for inland or open water events. Branding can be removable or direct print. Rich experience in water sports inflatables and ability to realise customers needs means that we can select an inflatable buoy or Inflatable branded race marker that is perfect for your event.

Our advertising inflatable water buoys can be cylindrical, pyramid or cube shaped, however we can create any inflatable shape as a custom inflatable buoy. An inflatable product could be made as a swim buoy or race marker.

Inflatable Water based Buoys for sporting and advertising events. Imagine can provide standard Inflatable Water Spheres (Buoys), and other shapes such as cylinders and triangles.

Inflatable Buoys can be produced in a range of base colours and sizes and are suitable for inshore lakes and marine settings. We can also produce custom made Inflatable Buoy shapes, such as Buoy bottles, inflatable Buoy drink cans, and other product packaging.

High frequency welded 0.50mm-0.90mm PVC coated tarpaulin make these water based inflatables a very strong air sealed inflatable. All our water based Buoys come with sea anchors and harnesses and an electric fan inflation system for onshore inflation.

All popular shapes as cube, cylinder, pyramide, cone or sausage tube are available. AXION floating buoys are made of heavy duty PVC coated fabric with all over printing possibility.

Inflatable Buoys can be produced in a range of base colours and sizes and are suitable for inshore lakes and marine settings. Inflatable floating buoys different shapes and sizes of high quality sealed buoys for all water sports as triathlon, aquathlon, sail or boat races etc.

All our inflatable perimeter guard marker buoys marine indicator go with the following features 
1. Durable materials with different colors for your choice
2. Air sealed styles just need once time inflate can keep stable for one month
3. Double welding both inside and outside with protection
4. High quality accessories and production details
5. 3-5 years quality warranty
6. The printing can make it as your requirements
7. Professional electric blower with different power and plugs as your requirements

1. Different styles for your choice: cube, cylinder, pyramide, cone or sausage tube , also custome are available

2. Different sizes for your choice: 1x1m, 1.5x1.5m, 2x2m, 3x3m or Custom

1. Any Size: Sizes from 1 metres to 5 metres in length
2. Weather Resistant Materials: Shower proof PVC coated nylon or heavy weight waterproof tarpaulin
3. Pantone Matched: Stock colours or Pantone matched
4. Branding: Direct or Velcro detachable branding
5. Designed to be suitable for pools, inland or open water
6. Screen printing or full surface digital print
7. Includes fittings and harnesses, sea harnesses provided for anchoring
8. Inflation Fans Included

Set Up Instruction For Inflatable Perimeter Gard

1, fill up the inflatable perimeter buoy

2, fix the weight on the bottom of the buoy with rope (generally cement)

3, drag the inflatable buoy to the water with weight on the bottom

4, the inflatable marine indicator could stand stable in the water with weight on bottom

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