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Custom Inflatable Roly-poly Style Tumbler Totems For Running Events

Custom Inflatable Roly-poly Style Tumbler Totems For Running Events

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Custom Inflatable Roly-poly Style Tumbler Totems For Running Events


Dimension 2mH-0.6mD

Material 0.40mm pure pvc

Printing 3D digital printing to all colours

Production Technique high frequency welding 

Inflatable Style airtigh inflatables / roly-poly tumber style balloons

Product Type inflatable tumbler / inflatable sexy girls / inflatable japanese anime girls

Set Up Style auto-set up with roly-poly style inflatable design 

Application Field cartoon exhibition / cartoon events / outdoor exhibition / store exhibition

Application Country Toledo Spain

Certificate CE/EN25649 TUVsud Germany


1) advanced 3D digital printing to make the chacter vividly printed

2) attractive character to arouse the attention of passengers or attendants

3) low-cost but with high-efficiency in marketing during outdoor events / decoration

4) free design service available and customizable for meeting the demand of various customers

5) tumbler stype as roly-poly to stand on the ground without extra assistance


 as this tumbler inflatable (inflatable roly-poly) is printed with topic of cartoon character - sexy japanese anime girls. it would be very suitable for the cartoon exposition or cartoon books stores decoration. with its inflatable roly-poly design there would be no assistance needed to set up this inflatable tumbler, only with water filled in the bottom and this inflatable tumbler could stand stably itself. which would save your money for purchasing other accessaries to set up and your time to prepare everything for set it up. the character could be displayed vivdly due to our advance printing technology - dye sublimation or 3D digital printing to all colours, make it vibrant and captive during the event or exhibition. further more, for outdoor usage, there would be a cover of protection film outside to make the printing keep its original color even during uncomfortable temperature for example strong shining day or dreadly day with rain.

sometime people would adopt transparent PVC material to make this inflatable tumblers, why? for example if this roly-poly inflatable is used for animation store decoration the room for it would be limited as generally the store would not be too speciouse, in which case once the transparent inflatable tumbler is placed it would not shelter the books from behind as its transparent characters. the customer not only could see the amazing inflatable tumbler but also could see the books exhibited behind it.

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