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Custom Marketing Inflatable Whisky Bottle Replica For Bars

Custom Marketing Inflatable Whisky Bottle Replica For Bars

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Custom Marketing Inflatable Whisky Bottle Replica For Bars


Measurement 1.8m Height Mounted

Material 0.65mm pvc tarpaulin + 0.50mm transparent pvc

Printing 3D digital printing 100% to all colours

Inflatable Stype airtight inflatable

Product Type inflatable replica/inflatable bottle/marketing inflatable/advertising inflatable

Application Country UK/Australia


**inflatable whisky bottle replica

**pvc storage bags/transport bags

**repair kits

**air pump 700w-1200w

**ground stakes and ropes for set up

FEATURES Of Our Inflatable Whisky Bottle Replica

1) Sturdness for standing outdoor

2) stroung and reliable for using in any events

3) vibrant and captive, shock the public with shinning color printing 

4) durable and long lasting in the sunlight even raining period

5) customizable and suppor of free design is available

6) efficiency for any beer / whisky / wine / beverage promotion outdoor


once you´re a famous event organizor whil your sponsor is whisky brewer or you´re the owner of a vinyard of whisky, whoud would you do for marketing your whisky brand in the public to boost the sale of your wine? we suggest you to try our inflatable whisky bottle replica, which bring huge effect for advertising outdoor during the sports events or ordinary outdoor promotion. 

with UV - coated protection the priting definitely to remain its original priting even exposed in harsh sunlight. in which case this inflatable bottle is suitable for placing anywhere in outdoor condition.

southern comfort is a famous whisky brand from America, as they're longing for developing the whisky market in Australia. marketing is an inevitable process for opening the door to enter this potential whisky market. a marketing inflatable replica is their first choice to make the advertising and promotion, among the cooperative bars and clubs there in the whole country.

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