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Giant Airtight Inflatable Shelter Dome Tents

Giant Airtight Inflatable Shelter Dome Tents

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Giant Airtight Inflatable Shelter Dome Tents


Measurement 10mL-10mW-4.3mH

Material 0.40mm / 0.65mm pvc tarpaulin

Printing 3D digital printing to all colours

Application Field warehouse / hospitality / brief room / comand post / dormitory / general service / garage 

Application Country UK (Belfast)

Performance snow load 60kg / square meter, wind load 28m/s (101kg/h)

Features Of Airtight Inflatable Shelter Tents

** easy set up with pre-assembled inflatable structure & easy fix system

** solid, outstanding durability and strength 

** light in weight and small in package, but offering huge space 

** energy-saving, instead of continue air blower, airtight only require once inflation 

** full compliance EN 13782 (EN 71) comformity is fulfilled by our high quality

** vibrant colour and captive design, attracting public attention all the time


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