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Giant Inflatable Cartoon Animal For Water In Japan

Giant Inflatable Cartoon Animal For Water In Japan

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Giant Inflatable Cartoon Animal For Water In Japan


Dimension 25mL-20mW-8mH 

Material 0.65mm pvc tarpaulin / 0.90mm pvc tarpaulin

Printing 3D digital printing to all colours



this huge inflatable cartoon animal is made from 0.90mm pvc tarpaulin which is airtight design for placing on the water, whose face is looking at the sky only with drone could take the entire photo panoramically. aiming to make good decoration on the river or in the lake, this inflatable cartoon animal is designed by Japanese company and produced by our factory, with huge packing dimension it was shipped out by boat with 15 days voyage from China to Japan. 

as we all know Japan is famous with its cartoon series and some characters of cartoon are well-know by worldwide, this huge inflatable cartoon, which is design for the river near the design company. with high-efficiency bringing a lot of cartoon lovers in Japan offering an oportunity to make some promotion or outdoor advertising - which were held by the design company. for example promoting something cartoon-related topic and doing in real marketing with the cartoon lovers from national wide. 

not like traditional inflatable animals, the design company was really with innovation and inspiration in the design. the cartoon lovers could not see the entire inflatable cartoon from laterals as it is really huge, instead, they have to employ drone to look at this inflatable figures from above, that would highly creat mistery for the public and more and more people are willing to see the what it looks like from above - really feeling curious on this inflatable animals.

please feel how our inflatable animal looks like in the water in Japan via video which was taken by professional China drone team in factory 

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