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Giant Inflatable Honey Bee Helium Parade Balloons

Giant Inflatable Honey Bee Helium Parade Balloons

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Giant Inflatable Honey Bee Helium Parade Balloons


measurement 10mL-6mH-2mD

printing UV printing / 3D digital printing

material 0.25mm pure pvc 

application festival street parade / aerial decoration 

lead-time 7 days 

MOQ 1 pc



once upon a time as the helium parade balloon pop up, people got used to creat some inflatable animal structures as parade balloon. draging them aroung the street and perfect the festival parade with these structures. as the time goes by, more and more creative inflatable structure are used by the parade, from animals to TV cartoons - realizing the characters in TV to real life. for example, people in America they're building up this inflatable honey bee parade balloons with us, which could fly above the parade multitud with helium filled inside. with its huge building this inflatable honey moon would mark up the parade events and bringing more funs to the audience during the festival.




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