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Giant Inflatable Sexy Lady Cartoon Parade Balloons

Giant Inflatable Sexy Lady Cartoon Parade Balloons

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Giant Inflatable Sexy Lady Cartoon Parade Balloons


Size 6m height or customized

Material 0.25mm pure pvc

Printing digital printing 3D 100% to all colours or hand drawing or uv printing

Production Technique high-frequency welding 

Inflatable Style airtight inflatables

Product Type inflatable cartoons / inflatable sexy lady / giant inflatable parade balloons / giant sexy lady cartoon 

Filling Media fly with helium or other suitable flying air

Application Field festival parades / street parades / outdoor events / outdoor decoration / adult store

Application Country Australia 

Certificate CE/EN25649 TUVsud Germany


1) sexy lady with giant inflatable boobs build-up structure to attract the attention of public

2) vibrant color and vivid printing to make it similar to sexy lady

3) adquatly for flying on the sky with helium material filled 

4) cost-effective and accesible to all event organizer or adult store owner

5) amazing design and innovative model which will beyond your expectation 


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