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Cubical Inflatable Boat Racing Marker Buoys Race Marks

Cubical Inflatable Boat Racing Marker Buoys Race Marks

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Cubical Inflatable Boat Racing Marker Buoys Race Marks


Dimension 2mL-2mW-2mH or customized by customer

Material 0.65mm pvc tarpaulin 

Printing 3D digital printing to all colours 100% or hand drawing

Inflatable Style airtight inflatable  / water inflatable

Product Type marketing inflatables / inflatable race marks / water race marks / inflatable marker buoys / ragatta racing marker buoys / inflatable regatta racing marker buoys / perimeter guard marker buoys / water inflatable / boat racing marker buoys

Application Country USA

Application Field open water swimming / ultra swim / triathlon swim / indoor swim / island expedition / beach tour / marine traffic / regatta racing / sailing / yacht racing / boat racing / stand up paddle board race 

Certificate CE(EN25649) TUVsud Germany

Package Includes

1) inflatable marker buoys for boat racing

2) carry bag in oxford material

3) air pump (if apply)

4) rope for bottom weight (if apply)


1) innovative conical inflatable marker buoys shape race marks floating on the water with printing for stand up paddle board racing.

2) with huge printing surface to display largely your LOGOs in huge scale

3) durable and resistant for placing on the water for long time without leaking of air

4) protection film covered to remain its orginal colours during strong sunlights

5) free design service offered by our skilled designer with ten years of experience

6) small packagee for storage and suitable for carry in the back seat


inflatable stand up paddle racing marker buoy is made from PVC tarpaulin with printing outside, which is small in package and huge in dimension, as well as tiny weight for transportation. no like the traditional buoys, it's much convenient for set up and usage during some marine events such as marine traffic or open water swimming too. the pop up of inflatable buoys, is the trend and tendency of marine events, instead of traditional buoys.

in general the inflatable marker buoys are suitable for marine traffic or water events such as open water swimming or triathlon swimming, as well ultra swim also require this type of inflatable race marks. as for the marine traffic usage the marker buoy would be sized 2m-2.5m height and 0.65m-1.2m diameter, this dimension is optimal for standing on the water aiming to usage of marine traffic. here let us talk about the race marks for stand up paddle board race in Australia.

since the SUP race pop up these recent years, along with this exciting sports, race marks for example marker buoys are also used for these SUP race aiming to have marketing on the water for sponsors or organizers themselves.

Set Up Information

1) please fill up the inflatable marker buoys in advance

2) prepare the weight for the bottom of the marker buoys - cement and steel

3) fix the weight with the inflatable race marks with ropes

4) drag the race marks to the water and it would stand stable with weight below

Mantainence Tips

1) please fill less air into the stand up paddle board race inflatable buoys in summer days. to avoid any kinds of over-charge or air pression inside.

2) please do not scratch the surface of the marker buoys with tough stuff, avoiding any kinds of scratch on the surface with damage of printing

3) after the usage, please deflate the marker buoy and put it inside the carry bag. it is better to avoid the shinning of the sun.

4) do not pinch the marker buoys with sharp ended stick or other stuff similar.

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