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PVC Helium Inflatable Parade Clouds Advertising Aerial Marketing Paris

PVC Helium Inflatable Parade Clouds Advertising Aerial Marketing Paris

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Helium PVC Parade Balloons Inflatable Whale Animal Replica Aerial Marketing


Dimension 5mL or customizable

Material 0.18mm pure pvc

Printing 3D digital printing to all colours

Production Technique high frequency welding 

Inflatable Style airtight inflatables

Product Type inflatable fish balloons / inflatable animal balloons / pvc helium fish balloons

Set Up Style fly with helium or other suitable flying air

Filling Media helium 100% 

Application Field ceiling decoration / indoor decoration / outdoor decoration / wall decoration / air decoration / aerial marketing

Application Country Westham UK

Certificate CE/EN25649 TUVsud Germany


1) advanced 3D digital printing to make the fish chacter vividly printed

2) attractive character to arouse the attention of passengers or attendants

3) low-cost but with high-efficiency in marketing during aerial marketing / decoration

4) free design service available and customizable for meeting the demand of various customers

5) one-step set up to make your aerial marketing easy and convenient


like the Marcy's thanksgiving parades, there still are some other kinds of parades during the festival in the country. meanwhile, not like the huge parade animal balloons during the Marcy's parade. small pvc helium parade balloons are also welcome for the parade organizers. particularly pvc helium animals are used by the paredes also, as well they're really appreciated by the low-budget events and cost effective for the organizers. for example this helium pvc inflatable whale design only with its length of 5m, frequently required by many organizers as it could save a lot of helium - as it knows helium is very expensive in CBM in some country, but due to its innovative design and attractive topic, it will stand out of crowd to make itself outstanding. 

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