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Round Inflatable Racing Marker Buoys

Round Inflatable Racing Marker Buoys

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Round Inflatable Racing Marker Buoys


Size 1m diameters or customized

Material 0.65mm pvc tarpaulin pink colour or optional

Printing 3D digital printing to all colours 100%

Inflatable Style airtight inflatable

Product Type marketing inflatables / inflatable race marks / water race marks

Application Country Switzerland / Montenegro

Application Field open water swimming / ultra swim / triathlon swim / indoor swim

Certificate CE(EN25649) TUVsud Germany

Package Includes


1) traditional round balloon shape race marks floating on the water with printing.

2) with huge printing surface to display largely your LOGOs in huge scale

3) durable and resistant for placing on the water for long time without leaking of air

4) protection film covered to remain its orginal colours during strong sunlights


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